DASA Professional Development


Building a Stronger Community: One Relationship at a Time
Presented by: Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad
November 5, 2020  9am to Noon  Cost: Free

Relationships are a decisive factor in the development of a positive learning environment. This workshop will challenge your staff to clearly define what is and what can be their school community. We will also explore how to build a framework for strengthening relationships through connections with students, adults and among the students themselves. Deep self-reflection and small-group circles are balanced with interactive activities to build skills in relationship building, even when it’s tough.

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This event has been postponed. You will be contacted regarding the rescheduled date.
Calling on the Village: Working with the Family Support System
Presented by: Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad 
March 11, 2021 9am to Noon  Cost: Free

There are no social institutions more significant in the development and transformation of individuals and society than the family and personal support system. Practicing meaningful and empowering engagement with these institutions is the work of all those serious about making positive change in the lives of those they serve.

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Presenter: Dr. Abdul-Malik Muhammad has over 25 years serving both youth and adults as an educator, transformational leader, entrepreneur and author. Always working with the underserved in urban and rural areas, he has focused on the development of boys to men, establishing a pedagogy for oppressed youth, and building progressive organizations. He is currently the founder and CEO of several educational, mental health, and human services operations, including Akoben LLC and Transforming Lives Inc.