DASA Scholarships

The Delaware Association of School Administrators asks your help in informing your seniors of an opportunity to win a scholarship of $1,000 offered by the Association and its departments. DASA will award a $1,000 William B. Keene Scholarship and a $1,000 Paul Carlson Dedication to Excellence Scholarship. This DASA scholarship competition is limited to schools that have at least one administrator as a DASA member.

The DASA Scholarship is granted to a Delaware high school senior who intends to enroll in college immediately after high school and major in education. The basis for selection will be an essay of 300-500 words written by the student on the topic, “Why I Chose Education as My Career Field.”

You are asked to inform students of this opportunity. Please bring this contest to the attention of your guidance counselors and English teachers.

All schools may submit two essays; schools with 250 twelfth grade students may submit three essays; schools with 300 or more may submit four essays. Should you receive more than the number allowed, we ask that the school select the best and forward them to us. We also ask that the school make a reasonable determination that the essay is indeed the student’s own work.

All entries must be received in the DASA office by the COB, March 31, 2015.
DASA will arrange for a team to evaluate the entries. Thank you for your help. Please call the DASA office if you have questions.

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DASA’s new Executive Director

Kevin Carson

DASA would like to welcome Dr. Kevin E. Carson, as its new Executive Director, effective July 1, 2014.