About DASA

Delaware Association of School Administrators

Founded August 31, 1944, as Delaware Association of Secondary School Administrators. Incorporated as Delaware Association of School Administrators, April 28, 1977.

The Association recognizes the common responsibility of leadership among school administrators in the State of Delaware and the need for consolidating, exchanging, and using the knowledge, judgment, and influence of all school administrators in matters affecting the quality of education.

The objectives of the Association shall be to:

  • Maintain high standards of professional ethics among Delaware school administrators,
  • Provide an opportunity for the review and study of problems facing school administrators,
  • Make members aware of pertinent education issues and provide a forum for exploration of such issues,
  • Formulate positions on education issues and communicate and support these positions before appropriate public bodies,
  • Establish among Delaware school administrators close and continuous cooperation in matters of mutual concern,
  • Cooperate with other education and lay organizations in the advancement of effective public education,
  • Promote and maintain high professional standards for school administrators,
  • Defend the profession of school administration and assist individual members in the practice thereof, and
  • Foster a spirit of good fellowship among school administrators in Delaware.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Delaware Association of School Administrators (DASA), an organization of leaders in the profession, is to advance education through service, leadership, and collaboration.

Objectives: The objectives will be targeted for three school years:

  • DASA will increase awareness of current educational issues to its membership.
  • DASA will be an active participant in organizations that impact education.
  • DASA will increase its influence in legislative activities
  • DASA will direct financial and human resources to create a strong advocacy network.


  • Develop and implement a plan to increase membership by at least 10% as well as increase participation in all activities supported by DASA.
  • Use technology and other resources to increase memberships’ awareness of services and activities.
  • Develop and implement a system to evaluate our effectiveness.
  • Increase the financial support to the organization to assist in programming and human resources.

Why Join DASA?

DASA provides a definitive voice in the legislative and political processes by ensuring that your viewpoint is presented clearly and credibly.

  • DASA actively lobbies on behalf of education and administrators at the State and National level.
  • DASA represents administrators at the weekly meetings of the House and Senate Education Committees.
  • DASA prepares position papers on educational issues and shares them with the members of the General Assembly.
  • DASA prepares legislation on behalf of administrators. Bills prepared this year relate to increasing the number of assistant principals and increasing the number of secretaries.
  • DASA addresses the Joint Finance Committee to present our members budget priorities.
  • DASA meets with the Governor and the Governor’s advisors to discuss legislative priorities.

DASA’s active voice builds credibility and support for public education by bringing your views and concerns to the policy makers and numerous organizations.

  • DASA insisted that administrators receive the same salary enhancement consideration as other educators. DASA represented you on the Education Compensation Committee. The Committee has recommended salary increases for administrators and a new index for principals and assistant principals.
  • DASA speaks for administrators on the Accountability Advisory Committee.
  • DASA represents the administrative viewpoint on the revision of the Delaware Performance Appraisal System and the Professional Standards Council.
  • DASA regularly meets with the members of the Education Consortium including the DSEA, PTA, DSBA, and DOE.
  • DASA monitors all meetings of the State Board of Education.
  • DASA has four representatives on the Professional Standards Board.